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6 Employment within the UK Creative Economy continues to grow at a higher rate than for the UK economy as a whole. The digital economy is growing exponentially. The digital revolution is taking place within the whole economy technology is expanding into all our lives redefining the way we work consume and create. This digital revolution provides us with the economic opportunity of the age opening up global markets and creating new business models. Digital technology offers us new ways to understand consumers to market distribute and create new revenue streams. There is recognition that creativity is a cross cutting theme. Creativity is a talent that runs through all successful businesses whether it is great design within manufacturing excellent digital marketing or innovation of goods and services. It is the power of creative thinking that drives the economy bringing about change innovating industry and transforming peoples lives. The Creative Digital sector is important to the whole of the UK. Last year the sector contributed 134 billion in GVA to the UK economy. The sector employs 2.5 million and its estimated that it will need another 1.2m people to meet the demand for creative skills by 2022. We champion the role of creativity in the economy and the value understood in strategic planning. We were set up to establish a dialogue with the Creative Digital industries to help assist growth within the sector to facilitate the creation of wealth and employment. Growing the local economy ENERGISING LANCASHIRE Lancashire County Council recognizes the crucial role that creativity and innovation play in driving the economy and LEP strategic planning. The sectors relationship with new technologies and ideas has a key role in helping other sectors to innovate and bring about change. This can be transformative - delivering projects capable of unlocking growth in high value sectors such as aerospace advanced manufacturing and energy. Estimates show that helping every small business understand digital would contribute 18 billion to the economy. Baroness Martha Lane-Fox CBE Government Digital Service Creative skills and companies will play a key role in the growth of all the key sectors to unlock commercial potential aiding the development of new products services and markets. Looking ahead every sector will increasingly be fuelled by Creative Digital skills helping to define what factories will be like in the future. Lancashire needs to grow and retain creative talent especially from higher education to help realise the sectors potential. Creativity in business is not only misunderstood but it is usually implemented in a way that is mismanaged and often not measured. Like any other management process creativity must be understood and placed into the context of the business as other disciplines such as finance and sales. It is not good enough for a company to wait for that eureka moment for new service HR and product initiatives because reliance on that eureka moment will usually result in failure. Successful companies understand this and harness creativity and innovation in all aspects of the business culture in order to grow their business and retain and attract customers on a global basis. Tony Attard OBE - Group Chief Executive Panaz Holdings Burnley Lancashire