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Page 24 3 Creative Lancashire Top Conversations in Creativity at The Harris Museum Art Gallery Lower Halima Cassell Artist a wide range of cultural and creative organisations and are a powerful unifying and lobbying group for the sector. At the same time British Council research has shown the significance of culture in shaping the UKs place in the world what makes it attractive to others and how it supports trade and tourism. These are all important initiatives which the reports findings seek to support. There is momentum and a live opportunity to amplify and grow Britains cultural and creative strengths. One of the key themes that positions Lancashire strongly is that creating and making is in Lancashires DNA rooted in its history and heritage as an industrial powerhouse of the world. Lancashire remains at the forefront of advanced technologies innovation and is constantly looking forward. This strength in creating and making features prominently in the Lancashire narrative. An effective creative ecosystem generates stronger cultural wellbeing as well as economic growth and opportunity for all citizens and communities. Lancashire is already embracing this and will continue to do so in the future. Ed Matthews-Gentle Creative Lancashire Other sectors are now adopting these strategies and venture capitalist investors are watching carefully to identify which new trends and business ideas have traction. The crowd may not always prove to be the answer to developing sustainable business models but its transformed the way that we all think about engaging directly with the end user or client. Creative skills and expertise is also transformative in other sectors such as advance manufacturing engineering and science. Technological advances and design thinking will help define what a future factory will look and feel like. It will also play a major role in how we will find solutions to some of societys future challenges in health well-being place making and the environment engaging new ideas and creative tools to tackle problems differently. Here at Creative Lancashire well continue our work to raise the profile of creative talent. We are also here to strengthen existing businesses support new enterprises and raise the competitiveness and profile of this sector. Through extensive consultation review and research conducted on our behalf by Work Foundation we now present some of the key findings as an up- to-date picture of the areas creative economy a blueprint for creative enrichment and to inform future projects programmes interventions through identifying opportunities to develop growth and resilience in the creative economy. This publication outlines through our own projects and work with others how creativity as a talent and powerful tool runs through all successful businesses. Whether it is great design within manufacturing excellent digital marketing or innovation of goods and services. It is the power of creative thinking that drives the economy bringing about change innovating industry and transforming peoples lives. Our noisy neighbours in the North West provide us with great examples of how creativity can change peoples perceptions of a place helping to build a strong brand awareness which in turn helps to attract inward investment. The Lancashire Local Enterprise Partnership LEP has recently commissioned a strategic marketing project led by Marketing Lancashire to develop a compelling Lancashire story to present a strong identity and sense of place for the county. Our partners at Creative Industries Federation represent