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2 The creative industries impact all our lives. Marketing and brand agencies help us tell the stories that define not only what we represent as a society through our consumer and lifestyle choices but also the environments where we live work and play. They also shape the way in which we are perceived by others around the world. From fashion to architecture publishing craft design film television gaming software music museums and the arts Lancashire has a vibrant and flourishing creative sector celebrated internationally through global brands such as AMS Neve Graham Brown Panaz Realtime Senator Hope Technologies Caradice Tetrad Plumbs The Harris Museum and many others. We are privileged to have a range of creative agencies delivering successful projects for clients ranging from leading local organisations to national brands and campaigns. The innovative approaches are explored through arts crafts and are translated into new applications and techniques in architecture creative digital media fashion manufacturing engineering and science. We have centres of excellence in learning and research at University of Central Lancashire UCLan Lancaster University and Edge Hill who are constantly developing ways to help regional economic growth by partnering with innovative local enterprises. The creative industries are a major contributor regionally and nationally 1.7 million people work in these industries and contribute 77 billion to the UK economy. Growing at more than twice the pace of any other sector it accounts for over 36000 jobs in Lancashire. The sector is constantly evolving fuelled by a desire to conceive new products approaches to problem solving and new sustainable models for business. Creative businesses were among the first organisations to understand the opportunity afforded to this generation to engage build a relationship and sell products or services directly to clients. Analytics and artificial intelligence tools help us process the vast pools of data generated on the web and social media so that we can make sense of it and understand what has value transforming insight into foresight. Artists filmmakers and recording artists showed the rest of us how we could crowd source ideas and funding through Kickstarter Indiegogo and other web-based platforms. Forward Lancashire Ed Matthews-Gentle