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Page 24 15 Business Size Number of Employees Business Units No Employees 0 400 Micro 1-9 4000 Small 10-49 160 Medium 49-250 40 Large 250 6 Total 4606 LANCASHIRES CREATIVE INDUSTRY BUSINESSES BY SIZE BAND Source DB UK 2014 CREATIVE EMPLOYMENT IN LANCASHIRE The Work Foundation estimates that the total employment in the creative economy in Lancashire suggests over 36000 jobs. This is 5.7 of total jobs in Lancashire with estimated GVA of 1.3 billion. Up to 22000 of these jobs are in creative industries and 14000 in creative occupations across other sectors. The jobs in Lancashires creative industries are concentrated in IT software and computer services. There are over 4500 enterprises in Lancashires creative industries almost 90 of these are micro businesses with fewer than 10 employees. Recent change indicates that Lancashires creative industries have not had jobs growth over 2009 to 2013. The creative industries in Lancashire are largely concentrated within a few urban centres. Preston Chorley and Blackburn with Darwen are local authorities with 40 of Lancashires employees in these industries. Assumption Assessment GVA for Creative Industries in the UK 76.9bn 4.7 of the UK economy Lancashire share of UK creative industry jobs 1.08bn Creative industries from Lancashire GVA 892m ESTIMATED GVA OF THE CREATIVE ECONOMY IN LANCASHIRE 89 Music performing and visual arts jobs 7 IT software and computer services jobs LANCASHIRESCREATIVEINDUSTRIESRECENT E M PLOYMENT CHANGES 20092013 173Design product graphic and fashion design jobs Networks are critical to the sector. Creativity thrives through the convergence of different people and industries so competitive advantage is far more likely to be secured by encouraging businesses and other organisations to cluster together either physically or virtually. Creative Industries Council 2014