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Page 24 11 Business Innovation for Growth Since 2012 we have presented our annual Business Innovation for Growth BIG Conference attracting over 200 business leaders and strategists from across the sectors to discuss how design thinking and creativity can add value to all businesses bringing leading figures from industry and the creative industries together in the region. The most recent edition of the conference took place at Edge Hill University and formed part of the official International Festival of Business IFB 2014 programme. BIG is presented in association with our partners at Design Council and our stellar list of innovative creative strategists and contributors over the years include Chris Sanderson Founder of The Future Laboratories and presenter of Chanel 4s Home of the Future Daniel Charney Creative Director at From Now On Prof of Design at Kingston University and curator of the Power of Making exhibition at the VA Wayne Hemingway MBE global brands including Coca Cola LEGO Graham Brown Senator and CISCO to name a few. Craft the Power of Making The UK is a world leader in craft. Craft generates 3.4bn for the economy. 150000 people are employed in businesses driven by craft skills. Craft enriches our society and economy in many ways from master goldsmiths to makers who build film sets and props from the small batch production of designer makers to one-off ceramic masterpieces and from centuries-old traditions to cutting edge digital making. Makers contribute to sectors as diverse as engineering medicine technology architecture fashion and design. Making skills are as valued in other industries as they are essential to craft businesses. Makers are highly entrepreneurial. With high levels of micro-enterprises and self-employment craft is at the vanguard of wider employment and business trends. Makers pioneer successful new business models in commercial and social enterprise and increasingly craft is adding value to high-end British exports. Source Crafts Council Future of Making Manifesto Making is the most powerful way that we solve problems express ideas and shape our world. What and how we make defines who we are and communicates who we want to be Those whose craft and ingenuity reaches the very highest levels can create amazing things. From Power of Making by Daniel Charny Daniel Charney 3ManFactory at BIG