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10 Join the Conversation A UNIQUE LANCASHIRE BRAND We are a unique Lancashire brand positioned at the heart of the digital and creative conversation. We are proud of our engagement and buy-in from the creative sector not just the 10000 followers on twitter or the 4000 individuals representing 2700 companies and organisations who sign up for our monthly newsletter and bulletins or the 12000 individuals who made 20000 visits to our website and viewed over 60000 pages. We have strived to build excellent service relationships and reputation and acted as a benchmark for other similar organisations being invited to share our model with our colleagues in Scotland as an exemplar of good practice. 10K followers on twitter Average 10 events a year 780individuals attended our workshops surgeries conferences and events in 2014 CREATIVELANCAS HIRE IN NUMBERS Asa Calow Mad Lab panel at BIG 2014 Creative Lancashire are effective partners in helping us get a message to market regarding the business support and collaborative activity we provide. We recently expanded our collaboration to research projects where Creative Lancashire can offer great value in terms of market knowledge insight and accessibility. Nick King Business Development Manager at InfoLab21 Lancaster University