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The arts in England created a GVA of 5.9 billion in 2011. The Contribution of the Arts and Culture to the National Economy CEBR 2013 We need to encourage the production of arts and culture in towns and cities not just the consumption of culture. We should nurture and celebrate the poets the painters the designers the film- makers the actors they will be ones that rejuvenate culture. A place that stimulates artistic activity that offers limitless opportunities for creativity to thrive for ideas to come alive that enriches rather than alienates. Dave Haslam - author of Life After Dark A History of British Nightclubs Music Venues Where does great design come from Good design comes from understanding people. Good design comes from understanding places. Great design comes from understanding how the two work in harmony. Colin Mustoe Chairman Senator International Accrington Lancashire Rachel Kelly Interactive Wallpaper at Hothouse BLAZE Project Donna Wilson in conversation at Harris Museum Bill Orrick at SoundBytes Hothouse exhibiters at Best of Britannia Vintage By The Sea Morecambe Dave Haslam in conversation with Pete Fowler