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Page 24 3 Creative Lancashire Creative Lancashire 3 Contents A Creative Lancashire 1 Forward Lancashire 2 Being Creative 4 Growing the local economy 6 A great place to live and work 8 Join the Conversation 10 The Creative Economy in Lancashire 12 Our Programmes Projects 18 Connected Lancashire 20 Our Board 21 BIG 2014 Edge Hill University Contact us Creative Lancashire Lancashire County Developments Ltd Christ Church Precinct PO Box 78 County Hall Preston PR1 8XJ CreativeLancs Tel 44 01772 536648 Image by Kirsty Thompson Lancashire Life 1 Creative Lancashire This report illustrates the economic success and impact of the creative economy across the Lancashire region. Creativity is often viewed with suspicion and misunderstanding it is ignored or not thought of at all. It is viewed as something that others do. Yet creativity is a talent that needs skill to bring it to life and good fortune to be able to recognise it and use it. Those that do embrace it soon realise that it helps define the present and creates a future. Everything we use has been created designed or evolved using skill and intellectual property. Creativity helps companies grow. It is not by accident that the courses on offer at the Royal College of Art range from Engineering to Fine Art because they all share that creative gene. The same gene that has helped shape so many of the businesses in this report. Lancashire has a history of creativity which is still just as vibrant if not more so than it was in the past. Creative Lancashire has over the last ten years quietly and effectively helped guided and influenced many successful projects campaigns and collaborations across Lancashire. The gentle presence of Creative Lancashire in the background has contributed to successful outcomes promoting the businesses but not itself. Perhaps the only visible presence being a logo on the back page or in the bottom corner. Creative Lancashire has the past the present and a future. It will continue to list and promote all of the creative companies in Lancashire its definitive directory will become the ultimate source for all those needing creative services. It will continue its work with LCC local authorities higher education institutions colleges and skills providers and all industry partners to ensure that the creative needs of industry and business are catered for at all levels. It will ensure that all the creative programs carried out in the region are in a cohesive manner to maximise impact from initiatives promoted by national organisations such as the Arts Council Design Council Crafts Council Creative England Royal Society of the Arts Creative Industries Federation Creative Cultural Skills and many more. Creative Lancashire will continue to be the advocate and champion for creativity in all its guises so that we can truly prosper from its positive economic impact. Chairman Creative Lancashire Charles Hadcock RCA. FRBS DL Holder of the Queens Award for Enterprise Promotion A Creative Lancashire 2 The creative industries impact all our lives. Marketing and brand agencies help us tell the stories that define not only what we represent as a society through our consumer and lifestyle choices but also the environments where we live work and play. They also shape the way in which we are perceived by others around the world. From fashion to architecture publishing craft design film television gaming software music museums and the arts Lancashire has a vibrant and flourishing creative sector celebrated internationally through global brands such as AMS Neve Graham Brown Panaz Realtime Senator Hope Technologies Caradice Tetrad Plumbs The Harris Museum and many others. We are privileged to have a range of creative agencies delivering successful projects for clients ranging from leading local organisations to national brands and campaigns. The innovative approaches are explored through arts crafts and are translated into new applications and techniques in architecture creative digital media fashion manufacturing engineering and science. We have centres of excellence in learning and research at University of Central Lancashire UCLan Lancaster University and Edge Hill who are constantly developing ways to help regional economic growth by partnering with innovative local enterprises. The creative industries are a major contributor regionally and nationally 1.7 million people work in these industries and contribute 77 billion to the UK economy. Growing at more than twice the pace of any other sector it accounts for over 36000 jobs in Lancashire. The sector is constantly evolving fuelled by a desire to conceive new products approaches to problem solving and new sustainable models for business. Creative businesses were among the first organisations to understand the opportunity afforded to this generation to engage build a relationship and sell products or services directly to clients. Analytics and artificial intelligence tools help us process the vast pools of data generated on the web and social media so that we can make sense of it and understand what has value transforming insight into foresight. Artists filmmakers and recording artists showed the rest of us how we could crowd source ideas and funding through Kickstarter Indiegogo and other web-based platforms. Forward Lancashire Ed Matthews-Gentle 3 Creative Lancashire Top Conversations in Creativity at The Harris Museum Art Gallery Lower Halima Cassell Artist a wide range of cultural and creative organisations and are a powerful unifying and lobbying group for the sector. At the same time British Council research has shown the significance of culture in shaping the UKs place in the world what makes it attractive to others and how it supports trade and tourism. These are all important initiatives which the reports findings seek to support. There is momentum and a live opportunity to amplify and grow Britains cultural and creative strengths. One of the key themes that positions Lancashire strongly is that creating and making is in Lancashires DNA rooted in its history and heritage as an industrial powerhouse of the world. Lancashire remains at the forefront of advanced technologies innovation and is constantly looking forward. This strength in creating and making features prominently in the Lancashire narrative. An effective creative ecosystem generates stronger cultural wellbeing as well as economic growth and opportunity for all citizens and communities. Lancashire is already embracing this and will continue to do so in the future. Ed Matthews-Gentle Creative Lancashire Other sectors are now adopting these strategies and venture capitalist investors are watching carefully to identify which new trends and business ideas have traction. The crowd may not always prove to be the answer to developing sustainable business models but its transformed the way that we all think about engaging directly with the end user or client. Creative skills and expertise is also transformative in other sectors such as advance manufacturing engineering and science. Technological advances and design thinking will help define what a future factory will look and feel like. It will also play a major role in how we will find solutions to some of societys future challenges in health well-being place making and the environment engaging new ideas and creative tools to tackle problems differently. Here at Creative Lancashire well continue our work to raise the profile of creative talent. We are also here to strengthen existing businesses support new enterprises and raise the competitiveness and profile of this sector. Through extensive consultation review and research conducted on our behalf by Work Foundation we now present some of the key findings as an up- to-date picture of the areas creative economy a blueprint for creative enrichment and to inform future projects programmes interventions through identifying opportunities to develop growth and resilience in the creative economy. This publication outlines through our own projects and work with others how creativity as a talent and powerful tool runs through all successful businesses. Whether it is great design within manufacturing excellent digital marketing or innovation of goods and services. It is the power of creative thinking that drives the economy bringing about change innovating industry and transforming peoples lives. Our noisy neighbours in the North West provide us with great examples of how creativity can change peoples perceptions of a place helping to build a strong brand awareness which in turn helps to attract inward investment. The Lancashire Local Enterprise Partnership LEP has recently commissioned a strategic marketing project led by Marketing Lancashire to develop a compelling Lancashire story to present a strong identity and sense of place for the county. Our partners at Creative Industries Federation represent 3 Creative Lancashire were the first organisation that I approached after deciding to take Hivehaus from a prototype concept into a fully-fledged business. The professional advice business support and network opportunities they provided us with have been essential. I strongly believe that the support guidance and mentoring is fundamental in the creation of new employment opportunities and strong business growth in the region. Barry Jackson Managing Director Hivehaus Ltd Dalton Lancashire Hivehaus Crystalline Lighting by Claire Norcross Being Creative For many the service has become the first port of call for creative business leaders who need help or advice. Generic business support can often appear complex or less relevant to a creative business who has growth ambitions but may define success differently to a manufacturing or engineering business. Creative Lancashire translates business support to help creatives understand it and access it more effectively. Creative businesses tend to be small micro or in some case sole traders. They frequently rely on the Creative Lancashire service to access sector specific support connect with like-minded businesses and peer network opportunities. Connecting business people with each other is one of our key roles our events programme including Conversations in Creativity talks and regular POWWOW creative social happenings have been valuable to businesses. Business needs specificity. Specific skills specific advice specific input and specific networking the creative sector in particular. One voice one stop one knowledge base. Creative Lancashire provides that platform and is an invaluable partner for the regions fast growth businesses to accelerate. Phil Jones CEO Brother UK When our call for collaborators went out on the Creative Lancashire newsletter we were amazed by the quality of responses. The contacts made have extended our business networks and we would recommend to others to do the same. Bev Wood Beverley Wood Design Ltd Lytham Lancashire 3 Blackpool Visitor Centre Refurbishment by Beverley Wood Design Limited Phil Jones Brother UK Nick Park Aardman at Conversations in Creativity Chris Harper UCLan Design Studio at SoundBytes 5 6 Employment within the UK Creative Economy continues to grow at a higher rate than for the UK economy as a whole. The digital economy is growing exponentially. The digital revolution is taking place within the whole economy technology is expanding into all our lives redefining the way we work consume and create. This digital revolution provides us with the economic opportunity of the age opening up global markets and creating new business models. Digital technology offers us new ways to understand consumers to market distribute and create new revenue streams. There is recognition that creativity is a cross cutting theme. Creativity is a talent that runs through all successful businesses whether it is great design within manufacturing excellent digital marketing or innovation of goods and services. It is the power of creative thinking that drives the economy bringing about change innovating industry and transforming peoples lives. The Creative Digital sector is important to the whole of the UK. Last year the sector contributed 134 billion in GVA to the UK economy. The sector employs 2.5 million and its estimated that it will need another 1.2m people to meet the demand for creative skills by 2022. We champion the role of creativity in the economy and the value understood in strategic planning. We were set up to establish a dialogue with the Creative Digital industries to help assist growth within the sector to facilitate the creation of wealth and employment. Growing the local economy ENERGISING LANCASHIRE Lancashire County Council recognizes the crucial role that creativity and innovation play in driving the economy and LEP strategic planning. The sectors relationship with new technologies and ideas has a key role in helping other sectors to innovate and bring about change. This can be transformative - delivering projects capable of unlocking growth in high value sectors such as aerospace advanced manufacturing and energy. Estimates show that helping every small business understand digital would contribute 18 billion to the economy. Baroness Martha Lane-Fox CBE Government Digital Service Creative skills and companies will play a key role in the growth of all the key sectors to unlock commercial potential aiding the development of new products services and markets. Looking ahead every sector will increasingly be fuelled by Creative Digital skills helping to define what factories will be like in the future. Lancashire needs to grow and retain creative talent especially from higher education to help realise the sectors potential. Creativity in business is not only misunderstood but it is usually implemented in a way that is mismanaged and often not measured. Like any other management process creativity must be understood and placed into the context of the business as other disciplines such as finance and sales. It is not good enough for a company to wait for that eureka moment for new service HR and product initiatives because reliance on that eureka moment will usually result in failure. Successful companies understand this and harness creativity and innovation in all aspects of the business culture in order to grow their business and retain and attract customers on a global basis. Tony Attard OBE - Group Chief Executive Panaz Holdings Burnley Lancashire Creative Lancashire Creative Lancashire play a crucial part of ensuring that the benefits of a national programme like ours is channelled to the right businesses. Through the specialist knowledge of its diverse client base its advisers continue to play an important role in making sure our support reaches those where it can be most effectively translated into tangible economic benefit. Helen Lazarus Head of Design Support Programmes at the Design Council Researching identifying and analysing future trends is at the core of what we do bringing insight and intelligence to future-proof your brand and inspire innovation in products services and experiences. Chris Sanderson The Future Laboratory and presenter Channel 4 TVs Home of the Future We also need to ensure that other sectors have the expertise and tools to compete e.g. for cyber security skills for data protection cloud computing for increasing convergence of IT Internet of Things and communications technologies as well as technical and media skills to produce content across multiple platforms. We were one of 3 organisations in the UK who were invited to become a regional partner of the Design Council to represent the North West and to help promote the national Design Leadership Programme. With 10 years of successful delivery this national programme is recognised and supported by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills BIS. After 18 successful years in business RealtimeUK was ready to launch itself into the next phase of growthCreative Lancashire helped connect us with The Design Council who helped guide us through every step of the process. The project resulted in a powerful set of new marketing assets and a brand were proud of. Tony Prosser MD of RealtimeUK Westby Lancashire Creative Digital businesses are the early adopters of new technologies therefore in a strong position to lead more traditional sectors in bringing about change. New products services and markets come from new ideas new thinking. Creative business people are experts at finding creative solutions to problems searching for new and improved ways of providing the things we need. Entrepreneurs are inherently creative never satisfied with what we have now but always thinking about what could be. Chris Sanderson at BIG 2014 Design Council at BIG 2014 7 Entrepreneurs are inherently creative never satisfied with what we have now but always thinking about what could be. The arts in England created a GVA of 5.9 billion in 2011. The Contribution of the Arts and Culture to the National Economy CEBR 2013 We need to encourage the production of arts and culture in towns and cities not just the consumption of culture. We should nurture and celebrate the poets the painters the designers the film- makers the actors they will be ones that rejuvenate culture. A place that stimulates artistic activity that offers limitless opportunities for creativity to thrive for ideas to come alive that enriches rather than alienates. Dave Haslam - author of Life After Dark A History of British Nightclubs Music Venues Where does great design come from Good design comes from understanding people. Good design comes from understanding places. Great design comes from understanding how the two work in harmony. Colin Mustoe Chairman Senator International Accrington Lancashire Rachel Kelly Interactive Wallpaper at Hothouse BLAZE Project Donna Wilson in conversation at Harris Museum Bill Orrick at SoundBytes Hothouse exhibiters at Best of Britannia Vintage By The Sea Morecambe Dave Haslam in conversation with Pete Fowler Creativity is not however just for entrepreneurs to build a strong economy and create jobs. One of its key differentiators is the crucial role that creativity and culture play in developing the appeal of our towns and cities. Its about improving the quality of life for residents and making Lancashire an attractive place to live and work. Creating stimulating spaces and experiences that attract inward investment creating vibrancy in our towns and cities for residents and visitors is a strategy being employed in other major northern cities and around the world. Manchester and Liverpool demonstrate to great effect how creativity when taken seriously can facilitate a step change in peoples perceptions of place helping to build a strong brand awareness which they translate as part of the proposition to attract inward investment. Creative festivals exhibitions conferences and events help us to communicate more effectively communally celebrate life and better understand the human condition. Culture helps cement our communities and is an important part of the health and wellbeing agenda. The Creative Economy and those who work in the sector are one of the UKs unsung success stories. Deeply rooted in our national history creative people and practitioners are inherently innovative tenacious skilled at problem solving and discover ways to bring places to life and often can achieve this in a thrifty way. The creative community and practitioners have been integral to the transformation of cities and districts across the world. Take Williamsburg in New York Mitte in Berlin and nearer to home Hackney in London and Margate as examples of once down at heel places that are now walking with swagger and becoming increasingly economically positive. Wayne Hemingway MBE MD Hemingway Design SOCIO LANCASHIRE A great place to live and work Sacrilege by Jeremy Deller at Guild Festival Wayne Hemingway Lemn Sissay Poet Pooch Parade at Vintage King William St Blackburn SoundBytes Conference Mr. Wilsons Second Liners at Vintage Ezra Furman at Cloudspotting Festival Jeanette Winterson 10 Join the Conversation A UNIQUE LANCASHIRE BRAND We are a unique Lancashire brand positioned at the heart of the digital and creative conversation. We are proud of our engagement and buy-in from the creative sector not just the 10000 followers on twitter or the 4000 individuals representing 2700 companies and organisations who sign up for our monthly newsletter and bulletins or the 12000 individuals who made 20000 visits to our website and viewed over 60000 pages. We have strived to build excellent service relationships and reputation and acted as a benchmark for other similar organisations being invited to share our model with our colleagues in Scotland as an exemplar of good practice. 10K followers on twitter Average 10 events a year 780individuals attended our workshops surgeries conferences and events in 2014 CREATIVELANCAS HIRE IN NUMBERS Asa Calow Mad Lab panel at BIG 2014 Creative Lancashire are effective partners in helping us get a message to market regarding the business support and collaborative activity we provide. We recently expanded our collaboration to research projects where Creative Lancashire can offer great value in terms of market knowledge insight and accessibility. Nick King Business Development Manager at InfoLab21 Lancaster University 11 Business Innovation for Growth Since 2012 we have presented our annual Business Innovation for Growth BIG Conference attracting over 200 business leaders and strategists from across the sectors to discuss how design thinking and creativity can add value to all businesses bringing leading figures from industry and the creative industries together in the region. The most recent edition of the conference took place at Edge Hill University and formed part of the official International Festival of Business IFB 2014 programme. BIG is presented in association with our partners at Design Council and our stellar list of innovative creative strategists and contributors over the years include Chris Sanderson Founder of The Future Laboratories and presenter of Chanel 4s Home of the Future Daniel Charney Creative Director at From Now On Prof of Design at Kingston University and curator of the Power of Making exhibition at the VA Wayne Hemingway MBE global brands including Coca Cola LEGO Graham Brown Senator and CISCO to name a few. Craft the Power of Making The UK is a world leader in craft. Craft generates 3.4bn for the economy. 150000 people are employed in businesses driven by craft skills. Craft enriches our society and economy in many ways from master goldsmiths to makers who build film sets and props from the small batch production of designer makers to one-off ceramic masterpieces and from centuries-old traditions to cutting edge digital making. Makers contribute to sectors as diverse as engineering medicine technology architecture fashion and design. Making skills are as valued in other industries as they are essential to craft businesses. Makers are highly entrepreneurial. With high levels of micro-enterprises and self-employment craft is at the vanguard of wider employment and business trends. Makers pioneer successful new business models in commercial and social enterprise and increasingly craft is adding value to high-end British exports. Source Crafts Council Future of Making Manifesto Making is the most powerful way that we solve problems express ideas and shape our world. What and how we make defines who we are and communicates who we want to be Those whose craft and ingenuity reaches the very highest levels can create amazing things. From Power of Making by Daniel Charny Daniel Charney 3ManFactory at BIG Creative Lancashire have commissioned Lancaster Universitys Work Foundation to map the creative economy across the Lancashire LEP area. The study provides an up-to-date picture of the areas creative economy to inform strategic priorities and to identify opportunities to develop growth and resilience in the creative economy. The study builds a quantitative picture of the creative economy in Lancashire. It distinguishes between creative industries as activity in sectors such as advertising design film computing etc. from the creative economy which also includes those in creative occupations across all sectors. This report is part-financed by the European Union through the European Social Fund ESF in England. The Creative Economy in Lancashire CREATIVE I NDUSTRIES CREATIVEOCCUPATIONS Support jobs in the Creative Industries Lancashire 11000 UK 775600 Creative jobs outside of the Creative Industries Lancashire 14100 UK 926700 Creative jobs in Creative Industries Lancashire 11400 UK 823500 Employment in the creative economy Lancashire 36500 5.7 UK 2525700 8.6 Source DCMS 2014 Creative Industries Economic Estimates January 2014 12 Current Strategic Opportunities The case for investment in the sector is clear. Nationally growing faster than any other sector and faster than the overall economy the Creative and Digital sector is now estimated to be worth 77 billion to the UK economy and continues to demonstrate steady year on year growth. To establish the size scale and growth trajectory of the sector in Lancashire we commissioned a Creative and Digital mapping report with The Work Foundation. The report provides a robust evidence base and reliable statistics about the creative economy in Lancashire. Defining the sector The Creative Economy definition is that used by DCMS built from standard industrial and occupational classifications used by the Office of National Statistics ONS and structured in terms of Creative Economy The contribution of those employed in Creative Industries plus those that are employed in creative occupations outside of the creative industries. This includes for example those working in occupations such as public relations professionals and architects across all industrial activities. IT software and computer services was the largest Creative Economy group in the UK with employment of 791 thousand in 2012 31 of employment in the Creative Economy. Employment within the Creative Economy grew by 143 thousand 6.0 between 2011 and 2012 a higher rate than for the UK Economy as a whole 0.7. The National Picture The Creative Economy in the UK Employs 2.8M people 1 in 11 jobs in 2014 Grew by just under 14 since 2011 growth rate exceeds economy as a whole Driven by technological change and digitisation Fastest Growing IT software and computer services 160000 22.6 Music performing and visual arts 71000 25.8 Design related sub-sector 51000 33.6 Regionally Largest proportion if jobs in London and South East Relative growth higher outside London The UK Creative Economy - Challenges of Growth 37 employers highlighted advanced IT and software skills gaps Digital firms 72 highlighted technical skills gaps high value digital cyber analysts and technical skills Skills shortages were impacting on business delaying the introduction of new products and services. High demand for graduate labour and high graduate recruitment Blackburn with Darwen 1200 11 South Ribble 800 7 Rossendale 500 5 Fylde 900 8 Blackpool 800 7 Chorley 1600 14 Chorley 1600 14 West Lancashire 600 5 Burnley 400 4 Preston 1800 16 Lancaster 900 8 Lancashire Total number of jobs in Creative Industries 11100 Hyndburn 200 2 Ribble Valley 400 4 Wyre 700 6 Pendle 400 4 Key Local Authority Number of Jobs of Lancashires creative industries LANCASHIRESCRE ATIVE ECONOMY IN N UMBERS Source ONS Business Register Employment Survey 2013 13 JOBS IN CREATIVE INDUSTRIES BY LOCAL AUTHORITY AREA CREATIVE CLUSTERS Creative Lancashire has always understood the importance of clustering to economic development and inward investment attracting new companies to an area. Local branding and marketing recognises the challenge of putting creativity on the map in areas such as Lancashire. This reflects the concept of clusters with co-location of similar creative enterprises to establish the identity of an area. Small and developing businesses from the creative sector can benefit from being located near universities competitors and related industries as it gives them opportunities to collaborate and increase their profile through association. It can aid faster growth recognition and status. Nearly 13of businesses have been created in the last four years 36000 employed 24 employed in Film tv advertising and marketing Up to 22000 in creative industries 14000 in creative occupations across other sectors Forecasts of growth by 8000 jobs over the next ten years in the LEP area Only 15 of Lancashire residents who work in the creative economy usually travel to work outside of the area IT software and computer services the largest sub-sector 14 41 13 10 8 9 8 6 7 43 16 9 7 8 5 4 7 ENTERPRISES BY SUB-SECTOR IN LANCASHIRES CREATIVE INDUSTRIES Advertising and marketing Advertising and marketing Architecture Architecture Design product graphic and fashion Design product graphic and fashion Film TV video radio and photography Film TV video radio and photography IT software and computer services IT software and computer services Museums galleries and libraries Museums galleries and libraries Music performing and visual arts Music performing and visual arts Publishing Publishing EMPLOYMENT BY SUB-SECTOR AND SHARE OF LANCASHIRES CREATIVE INDUSTRY Source Annual Population Survey 2009-2014 Source DB UK 15 Business Size Number of Employees Business Units No Employees 0 400 Micro 1-9 4000 Small 10-49 160 Medium 49-250 40 Large 250 6 Total 4606 LANCASHIRES CREATIVE INDUSTRY BUSINESSES BY SIZE BAND Source DB UK 2014 CREATIVE EMPLOYMENT IN LANCASHIRE The Work Foundation estimates that the total employment in the creative economy in Lancashire suggests over 36000 jobs. This is 5.7 of total jobs in Lancashire with estimated GVA of 1.3 billion. Up to 22000 of these jobs are in creative industries and 14000 in creative occupations across other sectors. The jobs in Lancashires creative industries are concentrated in IT software and computer services. There are over 4500 enterprises in Lancashires creative industries almost 90 of these are micro businesses with fewer than 10 employees. Recent change indicates that Lancashires creative industries have not had jobs growth over 2009 to 2013. The creative industries in Lancashire are largely concentrated within a few urban centres. Preston Chorley and Blackburn with Darwen are local authorities with 40 of Lancashires employees in these industries. Assumption Assessment GVA for Creative Industries in the UK 76.9bn 4.7 of the UK economy Lancashire share of UK creative industry jobs 1.08bn Creative industries from Lancashire GVA 892m ESTIMATED GVA OF THE CREATIVE ECONOMY IN LANCASHIRE 89 Music performing and visual arts jobs 7 IT software and computer services jobs LANCASHIRESCREATIVEINDUSTRIESRECENT E M PLOYMENT CHANGES 20092013 173Design product graphic and fashion design jobs Networks are critical to the sector. Creativity thrives through the convergence of different people and industries so competitive advantage is far more likely to be secured by encouraging businesses and other organisations to cluster together either physically or virtually. Creative Industries Council 2014 16 Top Creative Lancashire Board. Middle Wayne Hemmingway Kayleigh Davis LEGO and Richard Scholey The Chase at BIG 2014. Lower BIG Edge Hill University. 17 Broad code The University of Central Lancashire Ede Hill University Lancaster University Total Computer science 575 430 490 1495 Engineering technology 5 0 0 5 Architecture building planning 790 0 0 790 Marketing 195 195 545 935 Mass communication documentation 940 495 155 1590 Creative arts design 2700 960 390 4050 Total 5205 2080 1580 8865 UNIVERSITIES STUDENTS IN LANCASHIRE The full Work Foundation Report is available for download via our website To request a copy email or tel 01772 536648 CREATIVE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT RETENTION Creative Lancashire has been a vital resource enabling us to identify partnerships with creative businesses to help them develop and grow by using our academic expertise providing a one stop shop for industry insight and contacts. Emma Speed UCLan Partnership Development Manager Applying creative and lateral thought in engineering technology design is a pre-requisite in any new development. Creative Lancashire plays a key role in this area by complementing the regions digital sector through bringing together creatives and technologists with the common aim of inspiring and improving innovative design. Peter J Melling CEng MIET Director Supanetics Ltd Preston Lancashire LANCASHIRESCRE ATIVE ECONOMY IN N UMBERS Over 4500 enterprises Micro firms account for 90 of companies and half of employment Annual GVA approaching 1 billion Almost 90of workers in Lancashires creative economy also live within the LEP area Our interviews brought out the following challenges that businesses in the sector face in terms of the development of skills Barriers to growth Workforce skills Scaling up Recruitment and retention of staff skills - Particulary Digital Development of leadership team Manchesters gravitational pull Key Skills needed to facilitate Growth of Lancashires Creative Economy Technical skills Marketing and Sales Expertise Management Leadership and Business Skills Key Skills Challenges in the Creative Economy in Lancashire Revamp apprenticeships to be better aligned with employer demand Address diversity issues - especially women entrants Build improved links with Universities and colleges e.g. Internships work experience Workforce training such as Skills investment funds 18 Our Programmes Projects WHAT WE DO Other Projects include Arts Council Enterprise and Innovation - programme to build resilience into Lancashire cultural organisations BLAZE - a youth-led 2012 Cultural Olympiad programme Cloudspotting Festival - a three day Festival of music and the arts in a stunning Gisburn Forrest location Blackburn is Open - project to revitalising Blackburn Town Centre improve perceptions through creative output Preston Guild Vintage Festival with Hemingway Design Creative Employment Programme ACECreative Cultural Skills Crafts Council Hothouse SoundBytes Design Council Design Leadership Growth We lead the Lancashire Cultural Consortium Burnley Blackburn Blackpool Council Curious Minds and LCC Employment Services. The programme provides ACE subsidy for apprentices and interns across the county targeting hard to reach and NEET young people and moving them into employment and training April 2014 to December 2016. Creative Lancashire is partners with UCLan for Hothouse a prestigious programme of support from the Crafts Council for emerging makers. Hothouse provides 40 emerging makers each year with a six month programme of business and creative development complemented with 11 support. SoundBytes brings together leading figures in music industry management and professionals with those aspiring to develop their own careers in the industry. The annual SoundBytes Un-Convention Conference has grown since its launch in 2010 into one of the regions top events for music industry practitioners - attended by over 200 delegates. We work closely with strategic partners including Musicians Union PRS BBC UKTI and ACE to deliver the package of events workshops seminars and surgeries to develop sustainable careers in music. Facilitate and support projects with Design Council to provide structured practical support to increase the capability of businesses to use and manage design effectively and profitably. Research has shown that the programme generates around 20 of return for every 1 invested. 19 Creative Lancashire Screen Opps Festival of Making POWWOW Conversations in Creativity The programme aims to support careers in screen and film by developing the knowledge and understanding of the business how to access support and collaborate globally. Screen Opps provides opportunities for new and experienced would-be filmmakers to come and meet professionals working in making and funding onscreen content including Creative England BFI and BBC North. An event dedicated to the art of making from 3D printing to making music from culinary treats to creating digital art this unique event will celebrate the wealth of talented creatives in and around Blackburn. Built on the wealth of industrial entrepreneurs and makers of the Victorian age today it boasts a wealth of making talent from individual crafts people to world class businesses like Graham Brown. Regular creative social networking - bringing together agencies businesses freelancers and students to encourage collaboration and knowledge transfer between businesses and establish links between businesses and future employees. A network and series of events where creatives from across the crafts trades and disciplines explore how inspiration from around the world informs process. Previous events have featured Hemingway Design Gary Aspden Adidas Pete Fowler Animator Artist Donna Wilson Designer Cherry Ghost I am Kloot and a series of events during the Guild Festival with Nick Park Aardman Lemn Sissay Poet and Jeanette Winterson Author hosted by Dave Haslam John Robb. Digital Lancashire CIC Digital Lancashire has recently been formed with support from Creative Lancashire as a membership based community interest company CIC to help drive digital sector skills and excellence within the Lancashire region. Best of Britannia BOB North Annual trade show pop-up department store talks and exhibits showcasing brands from the region alongside the best from the rest of the country. This provides the best of British brands a first-class opportunity to meet and do business with other likeminded companies and to sell directly to a targeted group. 20 Creative Lancashire is a service provided by Lancashire County Council through its economic development company Lancashire County Developments Ltd. ESF is investing in jobs and skills with a focus on people who need support the most - helping them fulfil their potential and contributing to policies to increase employment and develop a skilled adaptable workforce. Our national connections include Connected Lancashire Lancashire businesses also appreciate the national connections the service can bring. Whether it be from strategic alliances national connections collaborations or joint ventures our partners over the years have included Regionally and nationally we also collaborate with Creative England BMI Knowledge Transfer Network The SPACE BBC The Design Business Association The Legacy Trust Manufacturing and Commerce The Royal College of Art North West Aerospace Alliance North West Automotive TexNet Manchester Digital Pro-Manchester The Alliance Project Liverpool Vision International Festival of Business Un-Convention They Eat Culture 3ManFactory JP74 Manchester Design Festival Great Northern Contemporary Craft Preston Guild Blackpool Council Blackburn with Darwen Council Edge Hill University Blackburn College University Centre Prestons College University of Central Lancashire Lancaster University The Chambers of Commerce Curious Minds North West and Liverpool Sound City. With thanks to Work Foundation Ruth Raban Jonathan Ball Lesley Gulliver Design Council. Creative Lancashire OUR BOARD The members of the Creative Lancashire board are drawn from established and successful businesses national strategic partners and institutions. They all share a passion for the creative process and the potential that can be unlocked through its application. Charles Hadcock RCA. FRBS DL Chairman Creative Lancashire Tony Attard OBE Vice Chair Creative Lancashire Ed Matthews-Gentle Senior Projects Officer Creative Lancashire Andy Walker Lancashire County Council Wayne Hemingway MBE Champion Creative Lancashire Cllr Marcus Johnstone Lancashire County Council Professor Rachel Cooper OBE PHD Imagination Lancaster University UK Jonathan Ball Design Council Cllr Niki Penney Lancashire County Council Peter Mileham DL Deputy Lieutenant of Lancashire Dr. Phil Holifield University of Central Lancashire Ruth Connor Marketing Lancashire Neil Harris Arts Council England Beverly Wood Beverly Wood Design Ann Jordan NXD Banetimo. TIE UK Tony Prosser RealTimeUK Michael Conlon Conlon Construction Mike Damms MBE Lancashire LEP Glenda Brindle Independent Michael Gibson Miralis Event photography by Scott Cross Steve Richardson. Board portraits by Luke Richards Richard Tymon Photography. 3 Still to do Creative Lancashire has provided a connected service between brokerage and delivery. At Creative Lancashire the process is simple we consult with the sector to determine their needs and priorities and then where possible we work to influence delivery. This process has resulted in direct support to hundreds of creative businesses from start-ups to multi million pound companies. A fit for purpose business support service. Creative Lancashire has provided a connected service between brokerage and delivery. At Creative Lancashire the process is simple we consult with the sector to determine their needs and priorities and then where possible we work to influence delivery. This process has resulted in direct support to hundreds of creative businesses from start-ups to multi million pound companies. A fit for purpose business support service.