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Here at Creative Lancashire, we are frequently asked to recommend companies who can do this, that and the other within the creative arena.  To enable us to be objective, we're developing an online network of creative companies so we can refer those sourcing creative products and services to a supplier most suited to them. 

More than that, we are creating a catalogue of talent representing Lancashire (and beyond), to demonstrate and promote quality and range of creativity in the region.  We can't do that without your help, your presence and your profile.

The network enables creative companies to upload images of their work and details of what they do.  Prospective clients arrive at the site and browse through the range of suppliers on the list.  If your company is not on there, they won't find you. This is a fantastic opportunity to access some free marketing.

It's also important to use high quality images of your best work - people will be judging you on this.  Take a few minutes to look through your image bank and select the best and most impressive images you have. 

Please note, your profile will be rejected if you upload two logos as your images, or if your images are of poor qaulity of do not fit!

To upload your profile, just follow these simple steps:

1. Click on "Login / Register" in the top right hand corner of any page on the site.
2. Click "New User" at the bottom of the grey box.
3. Complete the fields (as many of them as you can) and upload your images.
4. Click "Register" and wait for your profile to be approved.

Image Sizes

Please note that the images sizes that are stated are minimum values for each dimension, not absolute values.  i.e. Your main image must be at least 194px (pixels) wide and at least 143px high, not absolutely those dimensions.  Similarly, all other images must be at least 587px wide and at least 145px high (not exactly 587 x 145 as that would be very long and thin).

If you have any problems uploading your profile, please email