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Screen Opps

Film, Television & Media Broadcasting Network

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Surviving and Thriving as a Freelancer plus Christmas Drinks

Time: 6.30-9.30pm
Date: Thursday 8 December
Venue: The Continental,South Meadow Lane, Preston, PR1 8JP

Erinma Ochu

Chris Krupa
Dan Brereton

A panel discussion with 3 North-West based screen professionals who have worked across international music video, broadcast, writing & screen-art, who will talk about their respective career experiences and creative choices to date.

Erinma Ochu
is a Lecturer whose creative career spans art, science and social justice
Chris Krupa is an animator, filmmaker who has worked with the Rolling Stones & Madonna
Dan Brereton is a director who works across music videos, commercial brands, and narrative film.

Show & Tell
The event begins with the screening of new short pieces or work in development by local film makers. We invite to feedback from the test audience of creatively engaged professionals

The panel is followed by festive drinks and networking

6.30 Show & Tell
7.30 Panel Discussion
8.30 Christmas Drink & Networking

To submit your work for screening as part of the Show & Tell at this or any future event email a synopsis and links (where possible) to

The event is FREE to attend but registration is essential via the Eventbrite page

Screen Opps is an initiative to develop the landscape for screen and related media industry in Lancashire.


Making Films in Lancashire followed by Screening of Violators and Q&A with Helen Walsh + cast

TIME:     Wed 12 Oct
The Continental, South Meadow Lane, Preston PR1 8JP

Creative Lancashire and They Eat Culture present the next in our series of Screen Opps events taking place across the County this Autumn.

We’ll be looking at the current local landscape for film, television, related media and the potential to develop the screen industry in Lancashire, plus what that means when you’re working in the industry. You’ll be able to access development sessions and talks from regional, national, and international screen specialists. We’re also re-booting our ‘Show and Tell’ sessions providing space for feedback on work in progress. From indie film to digital agencies to transmedia to event & marketing moving image to broadcast commissions to artists film, we’re exploring ways to  help you develop your work/career here in Lancashire.

This first event looks at making films regionally, and how to get your first feature from idea to screen. 

This Screen Opps season of events will be exploring:

  • working with commissioners and indie companies
  • brand narratives - using film to tell client stories
  • interactive storytelling and platforms
  • sustaining your freelance career

It will also link to specialist workshops and professional development sessions with partner organisations.

Part 1: Show & Tell with networking food & drinks (6-7.15pm)

Show and Tell hosts 3-5 short pieces of recently produced or work in progress, to get feedback from a critically and creatively engaged group of professionals and a test audience.

This first Show and Tell event will be run informally, with networking food and drinks and opportunities to feed in to how you want the events to be developed in the future. We'll let you know the projects we'll be showing in the run up to the event.

If you'd be interested in showing your work at this or a future show and tell, please get in touch

Part 2: THE VIOLATORS (15) with Q&A (7.15-10pm)

in collaboration with Redunion Films & Bulldog Films

Novelist Helen Walsh's first feature sees her write & direct a northern story, set and made in the North West. 

When Shelly meets Rachel, two dysfunctional girls from radically opposed backgrounds set off on a collision course that will leave one of them shattered, the other reborn.

followed by Q&A with:
Helen Walsh - writer & director, Producer
David Hughes - producer , Actor
Brogan Ellis - Actor


The Screen Opps event is FREE to attend but registration is essential via the Eventbrite page

Guardian Review

They Eat Culture's other screen activity including Cinema Around the Corner screenings across Preston, the Film Club every fortnight at the Continental, and our special focus on First Films from fantastic directors.

Twitter: @cinemaatc

(above: Helen Walsh)

Forthcoming Screen Opps Events (Dates/Venue tbc)

Digital Storytelling & Brand Narratives
10 Nov - Story Institute, Lancaster tbc

Sustaining Yourself: Working Freelance
8 Dec - Continental, Preston

Developing Talent, Working with Broadcast
12 Jan - Accross - Accrington

What is Screen Opps?

Screen Opps aims to develop filmmaking in Lancashire by developing the knowledge and understanding of the business and how to access it, how to work from Lancashire and collaborate globally and of opportunity for emerging and established filmmakers and creative/technical/administrative crew from Lancashire.

Whatever your experience or your intentions this is the start of a journey to bring Lancashire’s filmmakers to the world.

Screen Opps provides opportunites for new and experienced would-be filmmakers to come and meet professionals working in, making and funding onscreen content, and to share ideas, ask questions and find out how you can develop careers.

The events are aimed at those already working film in or aspiring towards a career in screen, tv or broadcast media.

This is relevant to anyone involved in film & broadcasting including:

  • writers,
  • actors,
  • directors,
  • producers,
  • sound,
  • graphic design,
  • props
  • film catering

Screen Opps aims to create the links between Lancashire’s film and related media industries and the best funding, development and distribution opportunities around and emerging. We are looking to overcome some of the current barriers exacerbated by geographical location. Our ethos will be that you should not need a London postcode; access to opportunities should be judged on talent.
Our approach is based upon exploiting the opportunities presented by new technologies for innovation, new distribution and creation platforms and revenue opportunities as well as widening access. We aim to produce an Annual film industry symposium with focus on professional development and career gateways to progress in film and the related sectors.
Screen Opps will mix live informational events to develop skills and experience with online advice, networking and support.


Twitter: @Screen_Opps #ScreenOpps

"We want to watch some films - do you?"

They Eat Culture want to watch some films and they want you to suggest some of your favourites.

  • Are you a film fan?
  • Want to meet like-minded people living in and around Lancashire?
  • Do you love to watch, discover and talk about movies - from old favourites, to guilty pleasures, the films you love to hate and recent releases?

"We're creating a place for film lovers."

If you're interested in finding out more then They Eat Culture want to hear from you. Even if it's just to let them know you're interested - email and let's start the conversation!

Drop them an email and they will keep you in the loop with further developments. They will come to you first when they start discussing what a place for film lovers should be, what it should screen, future plans and developments as they happen.

"So, come on film fans - get in touch. We're excited to hear what you all have to say."
- They Eat Culture


6.30pm-7.00pm: Drinks and greetings
7.00pm-7.30pm: 3 short screenings of work (5 minutes each) - quick Q&A/feedback discussions
7.30pm-8.15pm: Guest speaker Susanna Boccaccia and Q&A
8.15pm-8.30pm: Time to network/discuss and connect

About Susanna Boccaccio

Screen Opps is delighted to announce that our guest speaker will be Susanna Boccaccio from Brilliant Trees Media. Susanna has worked at ITV as a newsreader, producer/director, researcher, scheduler, she has presented and produced for BBC radio, worked as an advertising commercials creative, business development manager, voice-over artist, and now a company director. We are very excited to hear about her creative career experiences and look forward to welcoming her to this event.

This is the latest in a series of Screen Opps networking events in collaboration with They Eat Culture.

Get involved?

If anyone is interested in showcasing their work then please let us know ASAP by emailing - there are three spaces which will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

(below: Susanna Boccaccio, Brilliant Trees Media)


Screen Opps Meet-Up

Thursday 23/04/15
The Continental, Preston

Opportunity for new and experienced film & media professionals developing onscreen content to share insights and discuss ideas.

Screen Opps promotes opportunities to engage with others working in screen, television, digital media, and anyone passionate about the regions film landscape.

This event is aimed at new, would-be and experienced filmmakers to meet other professionals working in, making and funding onscreen content, through exchanging ideas and finding out from others how to develop careers in the industry.

The guest speaker for this event is television writer and producer Stuart Kenworthy.

6.30pm: Drinks and greetings
3 short screenings of work (5 minutes each) with chance for quick q&a + feedback discussion
Interview with guest speaker Stuart Kenworthy + q&a
Time to network/discuss and connect

This is the latest in a series of Screen Opps networking events in collaboration with They Eat Culture.

Past Event

Thursday 29/01/15
The Continental, Preston

This Screen Opps Network event took place at The New Continental in the 'Snug' area on January 29th.  

Screen Opps Network is a collaboration with They Eat Culture which creates opportunities to engage with others developing careers in screen, television, digital media and anyone passionate about the regions film landscape.

We met to chat, socialise and continue discussing the outlook for proffesionals working in Preston and across Lancashire.

Past Event

In Association with They Eat Culture's 'Future Preston Tours'

All Quiet on the Preston Front? Developing film businesses in Lancashire.

Weds 26th November 2014
The Continental, Preston

Event Description:

Join our panel of emerging and developing film based businesses to find out about their journeys from start up, growing their businesses from a base in the county, to working nationally and internationally in the world of film and media.

This event will explore:

  • What needs to be in place to develop strong film making opportunities in Lancashire?
  • What support do small film businesses need to thrive and survive here?
  • What are the pro’s and cons of being based so close to the major productions centre of Media City for a small Lancashire business?

The event will feature contributions from some of new and established film businesses including:

Chog Zoo, Verbal Vigilante, Huckleberry Films and Mort & Pal

FREE to attend - refreshments served.

*Followed at 8pm by a Future Preston Tours screening of our audience choice sci fi classic, either Battle Royale / Tetsuo / Fantastic Voyage. Attendees at The All Quiet on the Preston Front event, can buy tickets for a reduced price of £4.


The Future of Screen:

Venue: The Continental, South Meadow Lane, Preston

Event Description:

Join specialist film & media academics from UCLan to explore the future of screen based media in a lively panel discussion hosted at the Continental.

In a world where content is king, what are the innovations that we will see happening across screen based platforms over the coming years.

  • How will we consume the news? Who will be making films?
  • Who will be watching?
  • What of the traditional craft based skills involved in animation and film making, will they die out, or are we seeing a resurgence of the ‘craft’ of film as a response to digital domination? Will we need actors by 2050?
  • Will audiences drive storylines and demand the endings they desire?

If you are interested in a career in film & media, or are currently working in the industry, this event will offer a unique insight into how the future might look and how you could fit into it!

FREE to attend - refreshments served.

Financing your media project:

Venue: The Continental, South Meadow Lane, Preston

Event Description:

We all know how hard it is to get people to back your ideas and get your exciting creative projects made, but there are organisations and projects out there that can offer lots of development and in some cases financial support.

Join key industry specialists to explore the routes to finance for your film and media projects. A panel of experts will guide you through the funding, partnership and development opportunities available to get a wide range of screen based media projects off the ground.