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Cllr Niki Penney

Lancashire County Council

Niki left her home county of Yorkshire and a career at Hull University in 1965 for the more clement climate of our Red Rose County. After a long marriage she decided to follow her wish to redress the balance in society by following a future in local politics with Lancashire County Council.

Her division had high deprivation, domestic abuse, crime, drugs, debt, teenage pregnancies and poor health. Since a successful election in 1989, Niki has been re-elected every election for the last 26 years.

Building on the good work of the previous County Councillor, Niki used every position to which she was appointed to further the lives and opportunities of all Lancastrians particularly for employment and the eradication of debt. Since the beginning she has used her many board positions to tap into those vast skills, natural gifts and unmatched opportunities to expand on what she so admired about Lancashire during the industrial revolution.

Niki is also a member of the Police Authority with responsibility for vulnerable people, as well as being the Chair of the Youth & Community Advisory Committee and the Chair of the Adult College. She is a member of many other organisations such as Sure Start, the Local Strategic Partnership and the Domestic Violence Forum.

Niki sits on the following committees and sub committees:

Niki was involved with Creative Lancashire at its inception as part of the group who set up the organisation along with Charles Hadcock over 10 years ago.