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Light Up Lancaster:


Time & Date: Friday 2nd November to Saturday 3rd November

Find out more about the exciting Friday and Saturday artworks and installations, plus the Saturday daytime workshops…

Light Art Trail
Friday, November 2nd: 5.30pm to 10pm
Saturday, November 3rd: 5.30pm to 7.30pm
Except Castle Area venues which close at 7pm on Saturday, November 3rd.

Family Workshops
Saturday, November 3rd – Daytime, Times as specified on individual listings


The Pikooks
The Pikooks By: Porté Par Le Vent: Christophe Martine At: Market Square   The Pikooks, a pair of majestic kites resembling snowy owls, soar gracefully into the Lancaster sky in a poetic courtship dance. These large and luminous birds, with gently spotted plumage, swirl entrancingly through the night sky in an enchanting aerial ballet, their slender silhouette, flying over luminous ...

Coming Home To Roost
Coming Home To Roost By: Sandy Gardner At: Market Square Capture the magical memories of Light Up Lancaster by taking the most colourful selfies you could dream of! With this series of interactive light art installations you and your friends can take fun and beautiful photos of each other with wings! Sandy Gardner’s stunning illuminated winged banners encourage your ...

Turn The Big Light On
Turn The Big Light On By: More Music David Boultbee from Bread Art Collective At: Sun Square   Come on home. Enjoy a warm welcome that builds as each new member of the family, band, orchestra, choir arrives home to share stories of adventures and trails trod. Look and listen a little closer as we Turn the Big Light On ...

Chirp&Drift By: Kathy Hinde Creative technologist:  Matthew Olden Poet : Sarah Hymas At: The Storey Gardens   Lancaster Arts, Arts at Lancaster University, Arts Council England   Chirp&Drift is a flock of small illuminated instruments temporarily making a home by nesting in a majestic beech tree in the Storey Gallery garden. The flock chatter in morse code ...

Aura By: Ronan Devlin At: The Library Commissioned as part of Shine, Light Up The North Emerging Artists’ Programme   A clever, cutting edge installation where a digital mirror reflects audience motion and emotion which creates an emotional feedback loop between artwork and audience. The moving image work captures audience form and feelings with camera and biometric sense technology. Each ...

Colour Curiosity
Colour Curiosity By: Megan Fell At: The Storey Commissioned as part of Shine, Light Up The North Emerging Artists’ Programme   Relive your childhood playfulness through this immersive experience, finding an alternative world of the drawers you had as a child. The bold/bright/colourful lights hidden within the drawers are waiting to be revealed along with some intriguing sounds. ...

Electronika K9 Walk
Electronika K9 Walk By: Jane Webb At: New Street Commissioned as part of Shine, Light Up The North Emerging Artists’ Programme   A charming, transforming light installation of a boy walking his dog home. A warm and instantly recognisable image but with an important message that we need to look after our planet, as this is the next generation’s ...

Mirror Stage
Mirror Stage By: Gillian Hobson At: The Storey Commissioned as part of Shine, Light Up The North Emerging Artists’ Programme   Using images from the artist’s own home to produce a kaleidoscope of moving image, colour and light, this immersive environment invites audiences to consider what it means to be ‘at home’ in the 21st Century. Featuring dual projections ...

Now That The War is Over
Now That The War Is Over By: David Chandler – film-maker Commissioned by: King’s Own Royal Regiment Museum At: Lancaster City Museum   November 2018 marks the Centenary of the Armistice which silenced the guns of the Great War. This poignant and affecting film installation uses photographs, archives and objects from the King’s Own Museum’s collections to mark the ...

Home Thoughts
Home Thoughts By: Brent Lees, BCL Lighting At: Various locations – come and explore the city!   Light is all around us but it’s often a background haze, a mere glow in the dark. But the light that leads us homeward safely, the direction finder that confirms we are heading on a known path is warm and comforting. Home Thoughts ...

Shelter By: Dawn Latham, Graham Armstrong At: Inspire Gifts & Gallery   The journey home:  It doesn’t matter if you are returning from holiday, work, shopping or a family visit, we all have different reasons for our return home. The journey happens whether it is wet or dry, cold or hot so dress accordingly and take that first step ...

Remembrance: 'Returning, We Hear The Larks’
Remembrance: ‘Returning, We Hear The Larks’ By: Louise Ann Wilson At: The Priory   Marking the centenary of the end of World War One, Lancaster Priory hosts a new site-specific performance installation by the award-winning artist Louise Ann Wilson.   To reflect on lives forever changed by conflict and the loss of those who never returned home to Lancaster Remembrance: ‘...

Lancashire Moon
Lancashire Moon By: Hannah Fox and Jason Threlfall At: Lancaster Castle and Priory steps   Lancashire Moon gazes down upon Lancaster, its people and its homes, keeping a watchful eye over the whole Light Up Lancaster festival. The ever present, yet ever changing Moon, will be smiling, blinking, twitching and frowning – an outside observer, a familiar, never -missing-a-moment of the ...

Fire Moon Dragon
Fire Moon Dragon By: Shane Johnstone and Anna Reed At: Dalton Square   This year for Light up Lancaster, Dalton Square will become an enchanting, contemplative Chinese Quarter. The flight to China will explore themes of hope, home and identity and an impressive ‘Fire Moon Dragon’ created by artists Shane Johnstone and Anna Reed, with the collaboration of the Chinese ...

Home Planet
Home Planet By: Illuminos At: The Judges’ Lodgings   For this year’s Light Up Lancaster Illuminos invite you to explore the universe, where extraordinary planets are waiting to be discovered.  Control the telescope and watch as stars and constellations are tracked and revealed on the transformed observatory of the Judges’ Lodgings.   Somewhere in the stars planets wait to ...

House Down
House Down By: imitating the dog with hip-hop artist Testament At: Lancaster Castle There’s no better place than Home Sweet Home, but when the big bad wolf knocks at the door, where do we run to, where do we find safety? Join us and hip-hop artist Testament in the grounds of Lancaster’s most recognisable ‘house’, for a fun ...


Light Up the North Network (LUTN)

The network is made of seven northern light festivals which have come together to share their collective expertise to support both the development of the partner festivals and the wider sector. Through regional, national and international networking and collaboration LUTN nurtures artistic ambition through artist and producer development, co-commissioning and joint fundraising. The capacity and depth of cultural practice within the network enables LUTN to support emerging artists, explore technical innovations and create aspirational work to deliver a compelling offer for audiences. Supported by Arts Council England.

Blackpool Illuminations: 31 August–4 November

LightPool, Blackpool: 18 & 25-27 October

Light Night Leeds: 4 & 5 October

Light Up Lancaster: 2 & 3 November

Enchanted Parks, Gateshead: 4-9 December

Lightwaves, Salford Quays: 7-16 December

Lumiere, Durham 2019


Lancaster Castle & Various Town Centre Venues