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Jak Spedding - Creative Christmas

Tips to help you improve your photography or the photography for your business.

LBV Sub36 Creative Award Finalist, Jak Spedding, is sharing tips to help you improve your photography or the photography for your business.

Introduction to Jak Spedding - Creative Christmas

Jak Spedding “Creative Christmas” advent calendar videos provides tips to help you improve your photography or the photography for your business.... 

The first video gives a brief introduction into what this series will be about and what you can expec over the series.

it’s packed full of photography tips, but don’t worry – this isn’t going to be a madly in-depth series where it all becomes technical and you need to follow every word. Each videomis below a minute so it wont take too much time out of your day and you can easily digest the content.

Each video will consist of a small tip to help you improve your own personal photography or the photography for your business, starting with the basics like camera settings such as your lens choice, shutter speed, iso and then moving into how to have a bit more fun with your camera.

There won’t be any homework and each video will be standalone, so you don’t need to watch them in order and you can bob in and out of the series as you wish.

if you want them delivered straight to your inbox you can subscribe to Ja's Youtube channel or sign up to our blog to get all the newest content first here and we’ll handle the rest.

Watch the videos here.

About Jak Spedding

Jak Spedding is a commercial photographer specialising in advertising, product and food photography throughout Lancashire and the North West.

Premium commercial photography doesn’t need to cost a premium. Jak will work with you, understand your budget and quickly gain a real insight into your business, how it operates and exactly what kind of professional photography will help you reach your targets. This may seem like a straightforward process, but it takes real experience and innovation.
Jak has worked both in-house and alongside various marketing agencies, combining almost a decade of experience with an appetite for the latest technology, techniques and styles. Such a diverse professional background has enabled Jak to understand every aspect of a brief, quickly grasp the potential and limitations of any given project and realise what makes your business tick.

Advertising, product and food are the principal industries Jak works in, but by no means the extent of his commercial photography remit. Whatever you’re selling, Jak can create powerful images to bring it to life and convert advertising into sales.

View Jak's profile on our Creative Business Directory here